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Know more about the cost of hiring a remote worker

There is no Fixed price: Unlike others, at Vesta, we don’t provide fixed price for the services. we cannot quote fixed price because

1. you can hire a virtual employee to perform any office work in any field like Data entry, book keeping, content writing, transcription, recruitment OR software developers, lawyers, accountants, CAD engineers. This means that, inevitably there are variations in cost when hiring employees from different professional backgrounds. Just like a software developer will command a higher salary than a data entry operator.

2. Even with any profession there will be a variation in employee salaries due to factors such as years of experience and technical expertise.

Our prices may not be fixed but they are significantly lower! starts from £350 per month:

The key aspect to note about Vesta's virtual employee prices are - They are significantly lower than the cost to hire a similarly qualified employee in UK. How do we achieve this?

1. the price we quote includes employee salary, office space, hardware/software, management, HR support

2. To truly appreciate the cost savings you can gain, you must compare the cost to hire with us against the cost to hire a similar person in UK.

In summary

Hire talented Indian professionals at Indian salaries to work on your UK assignments