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Vesta contractors can offer the full range of functional testing services to eliminate defects throughout the product design and development lifecycle and to reduce errors after go-live. Our contractors have long-term experience in functional testing. Our specialists successfully select and apply proven techniques to identify defects early and support the delivery of successful change projects. Our testers follow the industry’s best practice to perform the software functional testing.

Your Benefits

  • Smart Quality Solutions
  • We help to minimize defects already in specification phase to lower defects being created during implementation.
  • Strong experience in Quality Assurance
  • Rely on a professional contractors delivering your projects on time and in quality as we understand Functional Testing.
  • Local experts
  • You will profit from an unrivalled consultant pool for quality assurance and testing services based on in-country specialists.
  • Cost reduction
  • We enable you to achieve lasting cost savings while systematically reducing expenditure.
  • Structured test process
  • Structured test cases are useful for future regression testing – full test suites are designed to prioritise areas of biggest risk.
  • Our functional testing services span the entire range
  • Vesta's functional testing services span the entire range of testing levels such as System Testing, Integration Testing, End-to-End Testing, Regression Testing and User Acceptance Testing. Our functional testing expertise ensures that test suites balance test coverage against risk and quality. Using Vesta’s best practice, we select the most appropriate test case specification technique. Our experts execute tests in a controlled manner, regularly reporting on progress against plan and application quality.
  • Acceptance testing typically requires heavy business user involvement. Besides our technical knowledge our test experts understand the individual business needs and current market challenges clients have to face.
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  • Test Case Specification – using structured test case specification techniques to create appropriately sized and configured test suites. These techniques can be applied to any level of testing.
  • Test Execution and Reporting – the controlled execution of functional tests and accurate regular reporting of progress to plan, application quality and risk.
  • Test Asset Optimisation – using structured test case specification techniques to analyse large test suites and identify opportunities to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the tests under review.
  • User Acceptance Testing – supporting business users to accept delivered solution by providing technical confidence and assisting them to achieve user confidence through structured test execution