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We understand, respect and appreciate your concern for data security.

When you hire a virtual employee with us, what you can expect about the IT environment your employee will be working with?

Virtual Environment: If you like, your virtual employee can work in a virtual environment with employee's PC is directly connected with client system in UK. In this way, all client data which a virtual employee handles will be stored on the client's server back home and not on their laptop. The virtual employee can log onto client's server using VPN technology.

External accessories and drives: Many clients requests that their virtual employee be provided with laptop in which external accessories like pen drive, CD/DVD's cannot be used.

Disabling websites and web mails: Websites and webmails (yahoo mail, gmail, hotmail, facebook etc) can also be blocked on an employee system on client's request.

Antivirus: Every employee's desktop is equipped with powerful antivirus and antispam programs.