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We don’t instruct your employee how the work should be carried out. All work related instructions should come from you. However, we provide the following, so that your virtual employee can work smoothly;

Hardware / Software: We provide a new high spec laptop preloaded with windows and office products.

Telephone: We can provide a telephone with any local number you want. Example - if you are Birmingham based then we can provide your virtual employee with a telephone number stating with 0121.

Office: We have leased line inernet connections for fast and stable internet access.We have installed powerful generators to ensure uninterrupted power supply. Your virtual employee will work from our Fully air-conditioned office.

Tax, Insurance and Labour law: It is our responsibility to take care of your virtual employee's Tax, Insurance and Labour law. You don’t have to worry about this because we legally employ the employee you hire. All you will be doing is enter a service contract with us. The service you hire includes our office space, hardware/software, telephone, administration, supervision etc. The virtual employee will work 8 hours a day Monday to Friday and if required you can ask them to work over-time on weekends by pre-arrangement.

Supervision: Our HR executives are based on the same office as your virtual employees, they monitor and supervise your virtual employee's working at all times. NDA and work ownership: Our contract has stipulated provisions with regard to confidentiality and ownership of works.Every virtual employee is made to sign a Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to safeguard client information and data.